Stay and immigration

Lives and works in Austria - stay, establishment and employment Stay of Eu / EEA citizens and citizens from Switzerland

Eu / EEA citizens as well as citizens from Switzerland need for the stay in Austria no stay title. They are released from the visa duty and have the right on stay in Austria for a period of three months. With stays from three months only one registration certificate must be applied.


Is to be noted that with regard to the employee's generosity and the performance of international services transitional rules or eke out with Romania and Bulgaria exist. Hence, a relevant (juridical) examination is necessary in particular cases.

Eu / EEA citizens as well as Swiss acquire after five years of lawful and uninterrupted stay in the federal territory the right on long-term stay. The application for a "certificate of the long-term stay" is issued to you.

There are legal exceptions also for scientific activity in research and apprenticeship (e.g., at a university, but also in private enterprises), spouses and children of these researchers and scientists, activities in diplomatic representations or some international organisations (e.g., UN).

Stay of third citizens

Third-national (members of the states which belong neither to the European Union (EU) nor to the European economic area (EEA)) which want to stay within 1 year longer than six months in Austria need a stay title (red-white-red map, red-white-red map plus, stay approval or "stay title of members of the family").

Granting of a stay title - first application

Applications for granting of the first stay title are mostly personal before the entry to Austria from the foreign countries at the Austrian representation authority (message to introduce consulate).

Rot-Weiss-Rot-Karte: Certified immigration opens new chances

Austria introduces a new, clear and adaptable immigration system with the Rot-Weiss-Rot-Karte (RWR map). Aim is to allow an immigration steered according to personal and job market-political criteria straightened on a continuing basis to Austria to certified manpower from third countries and her members of the family.

The new regulation is come into force with the 1st of July, 2011 and is directed exclusively at non-citizen of the European Union. With the RWR map the present rate system is abolished and removed by a criterion-escorted immigration model.

Occupation approval

Employment of Eu / EEA citizens

Eu / EEA citizens (with the exception of Bulgaria and Romania) have free access to the Austrian job market. They can move within the scope of the employee's generosity and freedom of establishment in Austria freely and follow, hence, basically an unindependent or independent employment, provided that they dispose of a valid travel document.

Employment of citizens from Romania and Bulgaria and third citizens

For employees from the EU member states Bulgaria and Romania 2013 restrictions of the employee's generosity are straight on the basis of transitional regulations in the accession contracts still till the 31st of December. They need for the admission of an employment a job market-official approval.