Temporary / permanent residence permits and entry and employment permits for Foreign (EU and Third Country) citizens


The Civil Registry and Migration Department, of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus is the competent authority for granting entry permits as well as temporary and / or permanent residence permits to EU, and to Third Country nationals.

Nationals from EU Member States have the right to enter Cyprus by merely showing a valid EU passport or ID Card without having to register upon arrival. If there is an intention to stay for more than three months (and / or take up employment), then they have to:
Apply within eight (8) days of their arrival for an Alien Registration Certificate (ARC), at the local Immigration Branch of the Police (issued automatically for monitoring purposes) and pay the relevant fee (CY£20).
Apply for a social insurance number securing employment in Cyprus (if they will take up employment - please also see section 3, below).
Apply for a residence permit (the application must be submitted before the expiration of this 3-month period to the Civil Registration and Migration Department, through the local Immigration Branch of the Police). The said residence permit is issued within six months from the date of application and the submission of the required documents by the applicant (please note that a fine is imposed in case of non-compliance).

Foreign citizens may apply to obtain an immigration permit (temporary or permanent), on the basis of one of the Categories referred to in Regulation 5 of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations of 1972.


1. Procedure for Obtaining and / or Renewing Entry and Employment Permits for Foreign (non-EU) Labourers and Domestic Staff

The procedure of granting employment permits is governed by the Foreign and Migration Law, and by decisions of the Council of Ministers and of the Parliamentary Committee responsible for matters pertaining to Foreigners.

The relevant applications for the issuing of entry and employment permits are submitted to the Director of the Civil Archive and Migration Department, of the Ministry of Interior, by the prospective employer, while the applicant is still abroad. The applications (forms) must be accompanied by a contract of employment, sealed by the Department of Labour, of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, which is the competent authority responsible for examining whether there are qualified and / or available Cypriot citizens, and to what extent, for the profession or position in question. The applications must also be accompanied by a certificate of good conduct and a bank guarantee letter, in view of the likely costs of repatriation. The applications are submitted and examined by the Director of the Civil Archive and Migration Department. If nothing emerges that hinders the entry of the foreigners in question into Cyprus, the relative entry and work permits are issued.

The same procedure applies for foreigners who are employed as domestic staff, the only difference being that in this case the contract of employment is not signed by the Department of Labour, because the criteria for the issuance of the respective permits are determined by the Council of Ministers. According to these criteria, the employment of foreign domestic staff is permitted for the following cases:
If both spouses are employed, therefore contributing to the Social Insurance Fund, and if they have children below the age of 9.
If the prospective employer has a declared net annual income of more than CY£30,000.
If the foreign domestic staff will take care of aged people or people with disabilities or special needs or people suffering from a serious illness which prevents them from taking care of themselves.
If the foreign domestic staff will be employed at the residence of Directors or Senior officers of Off-Shore Companies, as well as for members of Foreign Diplomatic Missions in Cyprus.

The Application must be accompanied by the following documents:
(1)A legible copy of the applicant passport.
(2)A bank guarantee covering the likely costs of repatriation.
(3)Birth certificates of the children (where applicable).
(4)Confirmation of contribution to the Social Insurance Fund.
(5)Confirmation from the Internal Revenue Board (where applicable).
(6) A medical certificate for people suffering from a serious illness and are in need of care.
(7)An employment contract stamped by the Commissioner of Stamp Duties.

To obtain an entry permit and to renew temporary residence and employment permits, the relevant application form must be submitted, along with the fee of CY£20.